2 Big Winter Storms Began in St. Louis on 2/2/22

by Don Corrigan

Few St. Louisans realize that two of this season’s worst winter storms in succession began on 2/2/22. Surely Channel 2 News in St Louis must have taken note of this on “Twosday” when it all began.

A numerology anomaly will be repeated again this month on 2/22/22, and conspiracy theorists are already predicting two rounds of storms for the Gateway City in late February — around 2/22/22.

Here is another fear factor factoid for February: the weather service has released a spring forecast for the Midwest predicting twice as many tornadoes in spring 2022  – compared to 2021. This would mean a jump from about 72 to 142 twisters in year 2022.

The sequence of 2’s, which started two decades ago, will end this February 22, 2022. This month will witness three such dates altogether – February 2, 2022, February 20, 2022, and February 22, 2022.

Hang around long enough and things are really going to get interesting in 2222, which is 200 years from now. Keep in mind that astrologers believe the unique 2-2 sequence of numbers can mean balance, harmony, better relationships, love and communication.

The duality sequences are said to amplify your “astronomical” energy and this would be the last time you will see such a combination, unless you do live for another 2 centuries.

For now my hope is to double the number of visitors to this EE Blog, but I will settle for better balance, harmony, relationships, love, communication and better ideas for things two write about on this blog.

But enough astronomical numerology superstitions. I am a science guy and do not subscribe to any of this numerical nonsense.

Now excuse me, while I go order 222 packs of Doublemint Gum on Amazon. Home delivery requires an order of at least $20.  It’s a dated brand, but it’s never too late to double your pleasure and double your fun. Or is it?

One response to “2 Big Winter Storms Began in St. Louis on 2/2/22

  1. As per the great Oracle – GOOGLE: What do all these 2’s mean?

    Duality; selflessness; relationship; and balance are all shown by the number 2. The number 22 represents double the amount of energy. Additionally, this angel number has a strong relationship to emotions, intuition and idealism; these are only a few of its many attributes.

    I only mess with angel numbers. Like these twos. I stay away from the bad energy of the 6’s … For example, January 6.


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