Environmental Echo is a place for anyone who is interested in outdoor/nature, environmental, and sustainability information. The site contains articles, local events, podcasts, and other interesting information to appeal to the different interests of environmental and outdoor/nature lovers.

The Environmental Echo website focuses on topics in the St. Louis region and around the state of Missouri. We at Environmental Echo wish to provide a source of information that brings people together, regardless of background, economic status, or political beliefs. The topic of environmental preservation and outdoor enjoyment is something that should bring people together, not push them apart. We want to share a variety of information inclusive of everyone, whether you pursue environmental activism, want to learn about renewable energy sources, grow your own food, raise livestock, or are involved in conservation efforts as a hunter or fisherman.

Views and opinions expressed in comments or from interviewees do not necessarily reflect those of Environmental Echo or staff.
Environmental Echo Staff:

Environmental Action for Home & House of Worship Flyer 7.1.15Don Corrigan, senior editor, writer, reporter, and co-founder. He is an outdoor adventurer, nature lover, and environmental enthusiast.

Don is the editor and co-publisher of the St. Louis area community newspapers – Webster-Kirkwood Times, South County Times, West End Word – and has served more than 30 years as a professor of journalism at Webster University in St. Louis. He has reported for his newspaper group from Russia, Bosnia, Northern Ireland and Vietnam. He is a contributing writer to St. Louis magazine, and a frequent writer for St. Louis Journalism Review, where he has served on that publication’s editorial board for more than 25 years. He was also an investigative reporter for the late Jack Anderson in Washington, D.C.

Corrigan’s work in outdoor and environmental journalism has earned him numerous awards, including an Achievement Award from the Great Rivers Environmental Law Center, and a 1988 Gannett Foundation Writing Award for Environmental Reporting about nuclear energy issues. As a journalism professor, he has also won numerous awards, including a Messing Research Award in 1990, the Kemper Outstanding Teacher Award in 1994, and the Presidential Faculty Scholar Award in 1998.

Don has published several books, including “Show Me…Natural Wonders,” a meditation of selected nature sites in Missouri; “Show Me… Nature’s Wrath,” a look at Missouri’s harshest weather and natural disasters; and his newest book, “Environmental Missouri: Issues and Sustainability,” a comprehensive guide to local and state environmental issues. He has published additional books on the practice of journalism.

For more on Don’s bio, awards, and additional book list visit, www.into-nature.com

Holly Bridge FBHolly Shanks, writer, reporter, editor, audio and video producer, podcast program director, social media and website administrator, and co-founder. Holly is an outdoor kind of girl, with interests in wildlife, conservation, agriculture, and sustainability.

Holly has reported for the South County Times, Webster-Kirkwood Times, West End Word, Environmental Echo, Vietnam Veterans of America National Magazine, Show-Me Hero Salute (organizational website), The Forum (STLCC), The Journal (Webster University), Emerson Transportation Division (employee newsletter), and KCFV Radio. She has received journalism writing awards from the Society of Professional Journalist (college), Missouri College Media Matters, and KCFV Radio.

Podcasts: Our podcasts offer a variety of topics about the environment, conservation, people, and organizations in different areas around the state of Missouri. We record our podcasts with mobile recording equipment. Interviews are normally conducted via phone line. This allows us to avoid any professional studio costs, scheduling, and any location limits our interview guests might have. We strive for quality and clarity of audio, however, it will not be the absolute perfection of studio sound recording. We hope that our audio enthusiast friends will overlook any imperfections and still enjoy the diverse topics and often lively conversation of our podcasts. Our podcasts and audio may not be reproduced or published without written permissions from Environmental Echo.

Comment Policy: We wish to maintain a healthy and diverse conversation for the comments on Environmental Echo. However, please refrain from posting any comments that contain abusive, profane, or hate-filled language. Comments submitted containing the above mentioned will not be posted. (Examples of issues would be, but not limited to, racial, gender, and ethnic slurs or jokes; profane or sexually explicit language.)

How Environmental Echo got started: Environmental Echo was created by Don Corrigan and Holly Shanks as a platform for students of Environmental Journalism, taught by Corrigan, in the fall of 2014. Since then, Environmental Echo has evolved and transitioned into a place for various news and information related to outdoor, nature and environmental issues in the St. Louis region and Missouri.

Music used on Environmental Echo is provided by House of Cowboy.
Contact Environmental Echo: environmetalecho@gmail.com

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