Controvesy Stirring At Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park

Concerned organizations have partnered together to oppose the Legacy Ice Foundation indoor hockey facility in Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park. The group includes organizations, such as The American Institute of Architects St. Louis Chapter, the Open Space Council, the Missouri Coalition for the Environment, the Sierra Club, the Greenway Network, the St. Louis Audubon Society and the St. Louis Chapter of the Green Building Council.

Here are a few points the groups have identified as an issue of concern to the proposed Legacy Ice Foundation indoor hockey facility in Creve Coeur Lake Memorial County Park in St. Louis County.

Points of concern listed by the concerned organizations.

Consuming 40 acres of land, the facility would require 1000+ parking spaces and have a building footprint of almost six acres, making it the largest ice hockey facility in the region.

The facility would consume 40 acres of land with 1000+ parking spaces and a building footprint of almost six acres. This would make it the largest ice hockey facility in the region.

The facility which would compromise the boating, biking, sailing and picnicking activities utilized currently in the park. Traffic congestion could cause park users to go elsewhere.

This facility would not benefit from a location near the lake would detract from the lake and park’s rural character.

The area is prone to floods. Developments should not be approved in the flood plains of major rivers.

The long-term sustainability of the park should be a goal without the temptation of short-term opportunities and construction inside hazardous and environmentally sensitive areas.

The park holds one of the few large natural lakes in Missouri and it should be protected and managed with a look to the future and use by future generations.

More information:


STL Partnership public comments with more information for the proposed facility

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Article

One response to “Controvesy Stirring At Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park

  1. Thanks, Don. I hope everyone reading your blog will follow up with the petition and public comment! Here’s a list of opposition points expressed at the public hearing:  

    development in a floodplain
    bird/wildlife habitat and migratory flyway
    loss of trees and vegetation
    increased noise
    light pollution
    visual disharmony
    commercialization of public space
    size of multi-story 4-rink arena
    1500 space parking lot
    impervious surfacing + run-off (inc. salt and chemical de-icers into lake)
    stormwater flooding
    increased traffic within, to and from the park

    —sizable, permanent construction based on a 30-year lease.

    —public assistance for wealthy Blues foundation.

    —failure of County Council to dutifully inform taxpayers/owners of land through newspaper press releases prior to voting over Thanksgiving holiday.

    —ice sports as largely white, well-off special interest group.

    —park open space continually being chipped away (GoApe, soccer field development, 141 expansion, Page Ave. extension, etc.)

    —legal stipulations of Land+Water Conservation Fund requiring land to be used as “outdoor recreation.”

    —abandoned and under-utilized properties elsewhere in depressed North County communities that could better use economic boost.

    —privatization of public park land.

    For any one of the above reasons, this plan should have been nipped in the bud. County Council seems to have no regard for the environment, no qualms about building in a flood plain despite climate change and local flooding, no respect for the many park users that treasure a relaxing get-away so close to our urban area. Please help by expressing your opposition.


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