Carl’s Climate Analysis #650

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

The 650th Climate Letter is out from Carl Campbell. A couple of interesting items he covers gives analysis on the wildfires in Alberta and an updated discussion on what it would take for the U.S. to convert 100% to renewable energy.

From Carl’s Climate Letter:
Details of the incredible fire sweeping Fort McMurray, Alberta.  All 80,000 residents have been evacuated.  A large part of western Canada is now under unusual stress from heat and drought. See the information, including a video, from The Globe and Mail HERE.
What would it actually take for a country like the US to convert to 100% renewable energy?  Here is a timely, updated discussion, based on a report published last year by Mark Jacobson’s group.  Hint: A good share of the changeover would still need to come from doing things by using less energy.  The important point is the knowledge that making the change is possible, given a certain level of motivation, which means there is a valid place for optimism.  Realistically, we remain a long way from achieving that motivational level, with no guarantees of doing so before it is too late, thus leaving the gate wide open for pessimism.  Both positions are logically defensible, but either one requires something better than passivism on the part of the holder, right? Read the Vox story HERE.
See the 650th Carl’s Climate Letter HERE.

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