Carl Campbell Publishes 646th Climate Letter

Photo by Diana Linsley, Webster-Kirkwood Times.

Photo by Diana Linsley, Webster-Kirkwood Times.

Carl Campbell, a retired petroleum investment advisor, spends every morning searching the internet for climate and environmental information.  By early afternoon, he releases an analysis of his most important finds in a daily newsletter called “Carl’s Climate Letters.”

This past week, Campbell released his 646th climate letter. Here is an excerpt from the current letter.

“A new Gallup poll in the US reveals a pronounced shift in public attitude toward climate change.  People have generally been moving away from total denial, are getting more worried about consequences, and are more likely to make climate a voting issue.” Read more from the story HERE.

Similar results from a new poll taken by Yale and George Mason universities.  This story, as reported in Scientific American, has some additional insights about how Republican attitudes are adjusting. Read more from the story HERE.
This same survey gets a still more thorough treatment from Joe Romm.  He sees the “right-wing denial machine” getting more isolated and less representative of the party as a whole. Read more from the story HERE.
Read more interesting information and analysis from Cambell’s letter at


One response to “Carl Campbell Publishes 646th Climate Letter

  1. It is amazing how all the polls are showing a sudden decline in climate skeptics and more and more concern about the hotter temperatures we are facing around the world. And finally, Republicans in Congress are starting to acknowledge the threat from global warming. I would attribute this, in part, to two Capital P’s. The Pentagon and the Pope. Better stewardship of the Earth has become a moral imperative for Pope Francis. Concern about political instability and humanitarian crises caused by loss of habitat, and mass migrations due to climate change, are all very much on the radar screen at the Pentagon.


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