Challenges Facing The Missouri Deer Population

Deer hoof print in the snow. Photo by Holly Shanks.

Deer hoof print in the snow. Photo by Holly Shanks.

John Vogel, Missouri Department of Conservation’s Wildlife Regional Supervisor for the St. Louis area, talks to Environmental Echo about Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), changes to the upcoming deer hunting season regulations and other issues affecting Missouri’s deer population.



In this informative podcast, Vogel explains the difference between CWD and Blue Tongue Disease, the issues hunters need to be aware of, and how they can help in the upcoming deer hunting season.

If citizens see deer or other types of wildlife suspected of being sick or acting strangely, Vogel urges everyone in the St. Louis region to call one of the conservation areas listed below. Information collected can help the Missouri Department of Conservation stay ahead of diseases and issues related to the state’s wildlife, and possibly help the agency stop a problem from spreading.

Busch Memorial Conservation Area: 636-441-4554

Powder Valley Nature Center: 314-301-1500

Rockwoods Reservation: 636-458-2236


Music provided by House of Cowboy.


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