Local Event: “Can You Dig This” St. Louis Premiere

151202_CAN YOU DIG THIS_Hosted by Gateway Greening_FLYER (1)

“I put a carrot in the ground and all hell broke loose” – Ron Finley

In South Los Angeles, a handful of “gangster gardeners” started something beautiful where beauty was in short supply. They planted vegetables in abandoned spaces, along  curbs, and in other unused spaces. What grew out of the ground was a whole lot more than fresh produce.


Gateway Greening is hosting the local premiere of “Can You Dig This.”

Environmental Echo spoke to Gateway Greening‘s new executive director, Matt Schindler, and  Annie Mayrose, volunteer and outreach manager, to find out more about the movie screening and how Gateway Greening brings life to community garden programs in the St. Louis area.

The local premiere of “Can You Dig This” is December 2, 2015, at 7:30 p.m., located at Wehrenberg’s Ronnies 20 Theater. To reserve tickets CLICK HERE.

To hear the interview with Gateway Greening click on the video below.

Produced by Holly Shanks. Music provided by House of Cowboy.

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