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EPA Releases Final Decision For West Lake Landfill Cleanup

Information for the cleanup of radioactive waste in the West Lake Landfill, located in Bridgeton, Mo, has been released from the EPA.
Concerns over how cleanup procedures will affect local residents and the surrounding areas are yet to be answered in detail. We will post updates from the EPA, as well as any local public meetings scheduled to address the situation as it becomes available.
Below, find the EPA’s public release announcing the Record of Decision for the West Lake Landfill.

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West Lake Landfill Whistleblowers Honored

Pictured above: Dawn Chapman (Left) and Karen Nickel, co-founders of Just Moms STL.

Two brave ladies from North County were honored at the Gateway Journalism Review (GJR)annual First Amendment Celebration.

Dawn Chapman and Karen Nickel, founders of Just Moms STL, an advocacy group focused on the cleanup of nuclear waste contained in West Lake Landfill, were honored for “blowing the whistle” on the inept handling of atomic waste in the St. Louis region. Every day more St. Louis residents are becoming aware of our city’s role in the Manhattan Project to develop the atomic bomb – and the deadly legacy left behind here.

Read more below about St. Louis’ nuclear waste issues and the people working to bring awareness to the public.

Check out Don Corrigan’s latest for the Gateway Journalism Review an informative article titled  “Activists draw national attention and EPA response to the atomic city” – Read the article HERE

Also, read Corrigan’s second article for the GJR –  “Documentary movies draw attention to the atomic city” – Read the article HERE.

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EPA Updates Public About West Lake Landfill and Requests Public Comment Submissions

EPA public meeting about proposed West Lake Landfill remedies held March 6, 2018, in Bridgeton, Mo.

To simply write that the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) public meeting detailing proposed remedies for West Lake Landfill was a packed house would be an understatement. The meeting hall was overflowing and parking was a mess. It is estimated that more than 1,000 people attended.

The meeting, held March 6, 2018, in Bridgeton, Mo, outlined the eight different plans the EPA is currently considering as a remedy to the illegally dumped radioactive waste contained in West Lake Landfill.

Continue reading below to see outlines of the eight proposed West Lake Landfill remedies, and video clips of the comments made at the meeting by Just Moms stl co-founders Karen Nickel and Dawn Chapman, Bridgeton Mayor Terry Briggs, and Albert Kelly, chair of the EPA’s Superfund Task Force and advisor to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt.

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EPA Senior Administrators To Attend Local Public Listening Session & Open House Concerning West Lake Landfill Issues


Two Local Mothers Work To Keep A Community From Losing Hope

Pictured above: Dawn Chapman (Left) and Karen Nickel, co-founders of Just Moms STL. Picture provided by Just Moms STL.

Pictured above: Dawn Chapman (Left) and Karen Nickel, co-founders of Just Moms STL. Picture provided by Just Moms STL.

Don Corrigan interviews Dawn Chapman and Karen Nickel, co-founders of Just Moms STL, in this edition of “Behind The Editor’s Curtain.” The duo shares their insight, research, perspectives, updates, and history about the issues surrounding the West Lake Landfill and their struggle to protect their kids, their family, and their community.

“The hardest thing is not getting people to action, but getting people not to lose hope,” Just Moms STL said. “The bureaucracy in this issue is huge and it’s so disgusting that people lose heart and say that nobody is going to come in and save us.”

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Corrigan’s Insight: Media’s Coverage Of The West Lake Landfill Issues


Don Corrigan’s new article in the Gateway Journalism Review has hit the newsstand!

A podcast featuring  Dawn Chapman and Karen Nickel, the founders of Just Moms STL, will be posted on Environmental Echo soon – be sure to check back for this exciting interview by Don Corrigan.

Corrigan’s article is entitled, “Media Cover — And Uncover — Environmental Problems in St. Louis.”  The article takes a close look at news media coverage of the dangers of radioactive waste at the West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton, Missouri, west of Lambert International Airport for St. Louis.

Corrigan spent time with Just Moms STL as part of his study and the community group’s interactions with the news media. Corrigan found that national coverage of the contaminated site has often exceeded the amount of local media attention to what some scientists view as a potential radioactive threat to a large area of the St. Louis region.

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