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Third Annual Sustainability Week At Webster University April 16-19

The week will be comprised of a wide variety of events and opportunities for the campus community to make a greater connection with our campus’ built and natural habitats.

Monday, April 15th at 10 a.m.: Webster University’s Sustainability Week will kick off with an arts and crafts activity for all located in the UC Presentation room, Campus Activities and the Sustainability Office will provide planters, paint supplies, plants and soil for you to make a DIY a planter in your own style to take home. Snack will be provided as well!

Tuesday, April 16th at 11 a.m.: The Webster University Facilities staff will be partnering with Perennial STL on the University Center Patio to provide a fair full of opportunities for attendees to bring items in need of repair – clothing, small appliances and furniture, electronics, bicycles – to transform people into fixers instead of consumers and exchange ideas and skills among our community.

For more information and the events scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday below.

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China’s Plastic Waste Ban Causes Recycling Issues For Local Communities

Check out this article, “The Disappearing Recycling Bins: Recent disruption of the US recycling industry and the path ahead – A Deep Ripple,” from Harvard University Blog – Science In The News (SITN), written by Zhen Dai. The article describes the reasons why China’s ban on plastic waste has affected recycling across the US.

Cities like Kirkwood, Mo, were forced to re-evaluate curbside recycling pick up when Resource Management shut down single-stream recycling processes due to the ban. Republic, for the time being, will handle Kirkwood’s single-stream recycling. Read the full story from the Webster-Kirkwood Times HERE.

“The Disappearing Recycling Bins: Recent disruption of the US recycling industry and the path ahead – A Deep Ripple” is a quick read and has informative links at the end to help better understand how China’s plastic waste ban is currently impacting local recycling efforts. Read the full article HERE.