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St. Louis faces issues right now, like Westlake Landfill, which deserves a little outrage from Missourians. My new column is out in the West End Word!

“By far, my favorite era of media history is the Age of Muckraking, when writers like Ida Tarbell, Upton Sinclair and Lincoln Steffens took on monopoly oil companies, noxious meat packers and gouging public utilities. Missouri could use some angry muckrakers to express a little outrage right now.”

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Don Corrigan’s Speaking Event Calendar Updated

Environmental Action for Home & House of Worship Flyer 7.1.15

New event dates have been added to Don Corrigan’s┬áspeaking appearances for February 2016. For more information about the events CLICK HERE.


The Historic St. Louis Flooding: What We Should Have Known

Pictured: Bob Criss. Photo provided by Bob Criss.

Pictured: Bob Criss at the Meramec River last October. Photo provided by Bob Criss.

“Our flood problems in St. Louis and St. Louis County have been hugely magnified by what I would call idiotic decisions since 1993 especially,” Bob Criss said. “And we knew better.”

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