Amazing Event: Webster Groves Nature/Zoo Champions Honored At Luncheon

Earlier this fall, a “Dine & Discuss Luncheon” at Cyranos Restaurant in St. Louis took up the subject of nature and outdoors champions covered in author Don Corrigan’s book, Amazing Webster Groves.

The book covers such Webster notables as Jack Lorenz of the Izaak Walton League and celebrated outdoor photographer Joseph Sohm.

At the luncheon, St. Louis Zoo Director Emeritus Charlie Hoessle talked about the contributions to world zoos by George Schaller and William Conway, both WGHS graduates. Rich Thoma talked about the legacy of the Webster Groves Nature Study Society.

For a full rundown on the discussion, check out the coverage of the luncheon in the Webster University Journal. Click on the link below:


‘Dine & Discuss’ at Cyrano’s Cafe shines light on Webster Groves

One response to “Amazing Event: Webster Groves Nature/Zoo Champions Honored At Luncheon

  1. Next Big AMAZING WEBSTER GROVES event is at the Monday Club in Webster on Monday, Nov. 14 at 1 p.m. The Monday Club is at 37 S. Maple in Webster Groves and the phone is:


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