“Notch” The California Celebrity Squirrel

In the land of fruit and nuts, California, squirrels are front page news. Dan Burkhardt of Magnificent Missouri found this out when visiting his children recently. He was in the state that “The Arnold” from Total Recall affectionately refers to as “Caleeefornya.”
The squirrel in the California newspaper, known as The Acorn, is named Notch. He gets his name from a peculiar ear that he sports. The little varmint enjoys peanuts hand-fed to him by sympathetic humans.
Notch will get some ink in the second edition of “Nuts About Squirrels,” which is the definitive book on the species by St. Louis author Don Corrigan.

Patrons who buy the “Nuts About Squirrels” book at Novel Neighbor or the Webster Groves Bookshop will get a free squirrel button, squirrel book marker, and squirrel journal in a kit thanks to the printing press work of Mark Sableman, Attorney at Law.

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