Changing Lanes with Don Corrigan

Environmental Echo’s Don Corrigan was a guest on author Michelle Oyola’s podcast that provides advice and tips for getting published. Oyola is the successful author of “The Broken” series of novels for young adults published by Owl Hollow Press.

Oyola interviews Don about his own books, “Environmental Missouri,” “Nuts About Squirrels,” and his upcoming “American Roadkill.” Corrigan is Professor Emeritus in journalism at Webster University and Oyola was his journalism student in the first decade of a new century. Corrigan has high praise for Oyola’s skill using social media to promote her books, but remains mystified by her pen name: Shelly X Leonn. Author Oyola is originally from Washington, Mo.

CLICK HERE to listen to Michelle Oyola’s podcast interview –  “Changing Lanes with Don Corrigan.” 

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