Consumers Turn To Insect Protein As Meat Disappears from Grocery Shelves

Sarah Schlafly, CEO of Mighty Cricket, with Jacob Pratt, general manager for St. Louis area FroYo locations.

St. Louis Startup Combats COVID-19 Meat Shortages

As grocery store meat cases empty, some consumers are seeking alternative sources of protein – from insects. This is exactly what St. Louis startup Mighty Cricket had been anticipating when it launched in 2018 with its line of all-natural cricket protein powders, decadent protein oatmeals, and wholesome protein pancake mix.

Mighty Cricket’s founder, Sarah Schlafly, explained, “Mighty Cricket was born out of the realization that the whole nation is food insecure. Our nation’s food system is incredibly fragile. One major catastrophe and we’re all suffering from food supply issues.”

Determined to create a sustainable food system, Mighty Cricket launched with a mission to build a clean protein supply to sustain the world.

Schlafly’s concerns about the U.S. food system was realized during the COVID-19 pandemic when supply chain issues forced farmers to destroy millions of pounds of fresh foods. In a letter published recently by John Tyson, chairman of the board at Tyson Foods, Tyson echoes Schlafly’s alarm, “The food supply chain is breaking.”

Why are consumers turning to insect protein? “Americans are wising up,” said Schlafly. “Crickets are one of the most sustainable protein sources on the planet, and they can be raised in the middle of a city. Most importantly, they’re surprisingly delicious and addicting!”

As the leading protein source for urban farming, insects have the potential to become a hyper-local protein source. That is good news for Americans looking to be better prepared for the next crisis.

Mighty Cricket manufactures clean protein powders and breakfast products with a mission to build a clean protein supply to sustain the world. Check out their products at

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