Learn More About Missouri’s Legends of Conservation

by Don Corrigan
Missouri is fortunate to have a unique program that celebrates America’s great Legends of Conservation. Bruce Sassmann, along with his wife Jan, are the founders and stewards of the educational Legends of Conservation series, which is performed in Missouri’s heartland.
And who are these Legends of Conservation? They, in fact, are: Henry David Thoreau, John Muir and Aldo Leopold.
Read more below.

• Henry David Thoreau – who is best known as an American poet, essayist, philosopher and early ecologist. He also was a leading transcendentalist and renowned for his book about living on Walden Pond, a collection of reflections on living simply in natural surroundings.

• John Muir – who is known as the “Father of the National Parks, who inspired President Theodore Roosevelt to preserve our nation’s natural heritage. He was an author, environmentalist, naturalist glaciologist and advocate for the wilderness in America.

• Aldo Leopold – who is considered to be the “Hero of Wildlife  Ecology” and a major figure as a conservationist, forester, and environmental writer. A University of Wisconsin Professor for much of his life, he is best known for his book, “A Sand County Almanac.
To learn more about the mission of the Sassmanns to raise awareness of the Legends of Conservation via a unique series of reenactment programs, check out the following video on one of the Legends of Conservation reenactment events:

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