Noah’s Climate Change Action

By Don Corrigan (Webster-Kirkwood Times)

The Popular Culture Association slotted me for a talk on “Squirrels: Icons of the Midwest” a couple of weeks ago. On the way to give my talk in Ohio, I stopped at the Ark, the full-size model boat of old Noah, built by the Creation Museum and its founder Ken Ham.

Bill Nye the “Science Guy” says Ken Ham is all about fake science. Nye says dinos lived 65 million years ago and couldn’t have been on the Ark. Ham’s take on Genesis is that the Earth is only a few thousand years old and dinosaurs were human contemporaries. Ham has a few Scutosauruses on his big boat.

I didn’t go to the Ark for my science. And Ham’s lecture on Adam and Eve’s sin causing all the imperfections in the creation – he included gays and kids with Down syndrome – struck me as some kind of warped sci-fi nonsense.

I traveled to Ham’s theme park to get specs on building an Ark. We may need to build a few Arks as our seas rise. I know climate warming skeptics scoff about rising seas. As Noah told his wife, Naamah, while herding Scutosauruses onto his Ark, “scoffers will scoff.”

In Ken Ham’s Ark film, Naamah was upset that neighbors thought Noah was loony building a huge boat. Just about the time Noah told her that “scoffers will scoff,” the lightning started. The weather forecast for 100% precipitation for 40 days was right on schedule.

Young people today are worried about global warming forecasts. Fourteen of the hottest years ever recorded have happened since 2001 and forecasts say there are more to come. The heat is on.

National Geographic documentaries and other science programs make the case that man-made climate change is the culprit as we pump more carbon into our atmosphere. Those documentary scenes of smoke stacks belching, ice sheets melting, and seas rising on our coasts — are all pretty convincing.

Our local young people protested the lack of action on man-made climate change several weeks ago. They were part of a global protest movement. We posted a few photos of the young people and their signs on our Facebook page.

Scoffers will scoff. That is okay. But so many people attacked the kids and are downright mean. Our young people were called jerks, idiots, communists, anti-capitalists, Democrats and worse!

This is the new McCarthyism of the Climate Change Era, but at least Sen. Joe McCarthy reserved his ire for librarians, writers and the military. The new attack dogs need to lay off the kids and study Thomas Edison, who opposed carbon pollutants. He’d side with the kids.

“We are like tenant farmers chopping down the fence around our house for fuel when we should be using nature’s inexhaustible sources of energy — sun, wind, and tide,” said the genius inventor. “I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.”

At long last, Edison was no commie – and neither are our young people.

One response to “Noah’s Climate Change Action

  1. Several emails have indicated that Noah was an out of control drunk and why did God choose him for the mission. Anybody got the skinny on why he got the divined task of building the Ark, if he was in his cups much of the time? His drinking is not commented upon at any length at the Ark Museum. Evangelicals seem to be comfortable with God working through very flawed men.


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