St. Charles Is Celebrating 250 years!

Photo by Holly Shanks.

The city of St. Charles is celebrating its 250th anniversary this year! The Lewis and Clark Expedition will be the main focus of the celebrations taking place.

History runs deep on the shores of the Missouri River in St. Charles. Looks like 2019 will be a great year to visit St. Charles and learn about famous visitors in Missouri’s history. Did you know the first Missouri State Capital building was located in St. Charles? Want to learn more about the Lewis and Clark Expedition? Visit St. Charles and see the Lewis and Clark’s campsite, memorial statue and the Lewis & Clark Boathouse and Museum.

For more information, use the links below to find out more about this year’s celebrations. (At the end of this post see information for Don Corrigan’s new book – coming soon!)

Community News recently published an article detailing some of the history, events and fun public displays that will be popping up around St. Charles.

Here is a short excerpt from the article by Brett Auten, from St. Charles Community News:

Throughout 2019, beginning in March, you will begin to see statues of Lewis and Clark’s famous dog, Seaman, all around town. These three-foot depictions of the famous Newfoundland will be on display at various locations for everyone to visit and take their photo by.  Each statue of Seaman will be painted and decorated individually by the specific business in which he will be parked out in front of. …

“We think (Seaman) is pretty cute and you can expect him to start showing up around mid-March,” Beth Norviel, the St. Charles Public Information Manager, said. “It is similar to the birthday cakes that the city of St. Louis did. This is a fun promotion to get residents and visitors out and about in the city.”

Be sure to read the full article HERE.

The City of St. Charles has information posted on its website about the 250th Anniversary celebration.

St. Charles will also host a celebration event (see the city’s website for more information): Sestercentennial Celebration
May 17, 18 and 19th. 
 The celebration will kick off with a parade, like only Saint Charles can do.  The procession will be a living, breathing timeline featuring 25 different entries, each representing a decade of Saint Charles history.   Then, throughout the entire weekend, Main Street Saint Charles will feature a variety of activities and displays celebrating our rich heritage.

(EE Editor’s Note: The incredible bronze of Lewis & Clark and their dog Seaman is featured in “Nuts About Squirrels: The Rodents That Conquered Popular Culture” coming this spring by McFarland Publishing. The book by EE’s Don Corrigan notes Captain Lewis’s encounters with mass migrations of squirrels across American rivers, and speculates on whether more such migrations are in the offing because of climate change in North America.) 


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