Want To Meet The Acclaimed “Mushroom Man?” Here’s Your Chance!

Photo by MDC Staff, courtesy Missouri Department of Conservation.

One the world’s foremost mushroom hunters is Taylor Lockwood and the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) is bringing him to Powder Valley Nature Center in Kirkwood, Mo.

Lockwood has traveled the world photographing mushrooms and fungi and his photos are said to be extraordinary. One of his images was even chosen for a US Postal stamp!

The special presentation by Lockwood will be Tuesday, Sept. 11, at 6 p.m.  The program is titled My Great Adventure: The Most Beautiful Mushrooms in the World by Taylor Lockwood. Lockwood will share highlights of his odysseys with photos and animations of fungi and mushrooms, from the beautiful to the bioluminescent.

The program is free, but advanced online registration is required at

Find more information below.

Lockwood is an acclaimed nature photographer who has spent 34 years exploring the U.S. and dozens of other countries, ranging from Borneo to Zimbabwe, in search of the world’s most beautiful mushrooms and fungi. Along the way, he has amassed an incredible body of knowledge and images.

Lockwood is the author of two books, Treasures from the Kingdom of Fungi and Chasing the Rain, and several video programs including two popular educational mushroom DVDs, The Mushroom Identification Trilogy, and The Good, the Bad, and the Deadly.

Lockwood’s photographs have also been published by the US Postal Service, New York Times, Washington Post, National Geographic, Scientific American, and more.

Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center is located at 11715 Cragwold Road in Kirkwood, near the intersection of I-44 and I-270.

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