It’s Easy to Go Local With New Website! Shop Missouri Produced Vegetables, Fruits, and More!

The Missouri Department of Agriculture has released information about The website gives users the ability to find locally grown products nearest to their location.


That’s right! Do you want to purchase fresh locally grown items quickly and near where you live? Do you need tomatoes, onions or lettuce? How about apples or peaches?

The answer can be found at Type in what item you are looking for, and your zip code, and with the press of the enter key you will find where the nearest farmer or local retailer is located. OR select a category from a list of choices, like berries, cheese, eggs, meats, pickles, vegetables, fruits, relishes, salsa, and more. Easy! And everything chosen is produced right here in Missouri!

Check it out HERE!

Read more from the Missouri Department of Agriculture below.

From turkey to sweet potatoes and green beans to pumpkin pie, Missouri farms produce food that will have a place on the dinner table on Thanksgiving. Missourians are fortunate to be home to plentiful agriculture which grows a variety of foods like beef, pork, peaches, walnuts, watermelon, potatoes, sweet corn and so much more. Today, the Missouri Department of Agriculture has unveiled its new Missouri Grown web site,, which connects consumers to the bounty of food grown and raised in the Show Me State.

“We are excited to announce the launch of an expanded Missouri Grown website that we are confident will reach MORE Missourians with the positive stories of food and farming,” Director of Agriculture Chris Chinn said. “We’ve made the biggest changes this program website has seen in nearly a decade. The site will offer an experience that will connect Missouri citizens to the men and women who provide quality food products.”

For the first time ever, consumers now have a list of Missouri Grown products at their fingertips. At home or in the grocery store, has been optimized to work on a desktop or mobile device. At Missouri Grown, you’ll discover the best Missouri has to offer.

The new web site,, has a streamlined, improved search feature and more tailored categories that allow users to search for exactly what they want, where they want it. If you want eggs from within 15 miles of your home, you can enter those search parameters and find a match. Looking for chocolate in southwest Missouri? You can find it through the site’s search function. Users can also search for agritourism destinations and farmers’ markets.

Missouri Grown promotes food and non-food products, retailers, farmers’ markets, agritourism and agricultural experience destinations, through a variety of marketing efforts and promotional events.

Visit to experience the new, enhanced site and learn more about the food and agriculture in Missouri.

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