Carl’s Climate Letter Has Been Following The Flood Waters

Water over the top of Marshall Road in Kirkwood. photo by Diana Linsley.

Check out Climate Carl’s recent flooding analysis and commentary.

“How often can you expect to see a 500-year flood?  This article in Vox has all kinds of interesting commentary on the subject of flood probability.  One spot in the Houston area has had three of the 500-year type in just five years.  New definitions are needed, and they are likely to have an effect on things like community preparations and property insurance rates.”
Find more interesting and informative environmental analysis from Climate Carl at Carl’s Climate Letters.

One response to “Carl’s Climate Letter Has Been Following The Flood Waters

  1. Carl’s Climate Letters Rock! This guy has the best collection of reads on climate change that I have seen anywhere. He is dedicated to finding the truth on this topic that is so pivotal to whether mankind has a future. His contributions this week have been amazing! Please, please, please do yourself a favor and go to his site. I admire his dedication to this project. He is devoting hours of time, that he could spend comfortably in his retirement, to trying to wake us up. Carl, I salute you!


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