Carl’s Analysis On Recent Environmental News: Solar Cells & Fly’s Eyes

Photo by Diana Linsley, Webster-Kirkwood Times.

Photo by Diana Linsley, Webster-Kirkwood Times.

Found in Carl’s Climate Letters …

Here is an interesting tidbit from Carl that he found in his daily environmental information search about what scientists have learned from a preserved 45 million-year-old fly – which just might lead to more efficient “energy harvesting” in solar cells.

Carl Campbell, who is a retired petroleum investment advisor, spends every morning searching for climate and environmental information.  By early afternoon, he releases an analysis of his most important finds of the day in a newsletter named Carl’s Climate Letters.

Carl’s analysis from his newsletter #805  – “A potentially exciting new idea for creating much more efficient solar cells.  The idea was provided by studying the perfectly preserved remains of a 45 million-year-old fly, which is pictured, followed by experiments indicating an ability of the structure to eliminate any amount of solar reflection.  Accordingly, “the fly-eye solution comes “very close to perfection,” and could readily be incorporated into modern solar cells for an impressive boost in energy harvesting.”

Read the article by RE New Economy – “Solar Buzz: QUT team inspired by fly’s eye to boost solar cell efficiency”

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