Environment Missouri Joins Week Of Action For Renewable Energy

Photo: Environment Missouri

Photo: Environment Missouri

Press release from Environment Missouri:

St. Louis, MO– Yesterday evening, Environment Missouri hosted the St. Louis Renewable Energy Summit. The event welcomed panelists Jack Cardetti-  political consultant for Clean Line Energy Partners, Dr. Allison Miller- professor at Saint Louis University and research associate at the Missouri Botanical Gardens, David Crossley- Professor of geophysics at Saint Louis University, and Fredrick Doss-  Legislative Assistant to Representative Michael Butler, to discuss global warming, its impacts in Missouri, and the role of renewable energy in creating a sustainable future.

“America needs to shift to 100 percent renewable energy to address our largest environmental challenges,” said Taylor Hale, Campaign Organizer for Environment Missouri. “Renewable energy makes us safer and healthier and protects our communities from global warming and hazardous air pollution.”

The St. Louis Renewable Energy Summit, which took place at the Urban Chestnut Grove Brewery, was one of more than 50 events held across the country calling for commitments to 100 percent renewable energy. These events are part of the 100% Committed. 100% Renewable. Week of Action for Renewable Energy organized by Environment America, the national partner of Environment Missouri, The Climate Reality Project, the StudentPIRGs and others.

Photo: Environment Missouri

Photo: Environment Missouri

The event, co-hosted with Care About Climate, was attended by environmental leaders, energy associates, professors, researchers, small business owners, state representatives, health professionals, students, and community members. The room was overflowing with over 85 attendees.

Speakers discussed the negative impacts of global warming on agriculture and public health in Missouri and  the how renewable energy can mitigate these risks. The path to achieving 100% renewable energy was also laid out. “Going forward, we ought to do as much as we can as consumers to take advantage of the tax incentives and energy efficiency programs and rebates that are currently offered through state and local government, but we also have to unify urban and rural environmental activists around holding legislators accountable at the ballot box when they refuse to take action,” said panelist Fredrick Doss

The panel also highlighted the Grain Belt Express Clean line. The project, if approved by the Missouri Public Service Commission, will double the amount of renewable energy in Missouri and support more than 1,500 Missouri jobs, including high-paying construction jobs.

While the tone of the panel was serious, attendees left the the event with hope for the future and a desire to take action. “The speakers made it very clear that this issue is of great importance and that great change is needed now if we want to combat the negative effects of global warming,” said Saint Louis University student Stephen Wald.  “I am energized and eager to pursue change,” he concluded. Other students expressed their desire for 100% renewable energy if the form of colorful signs. Climate change is the one issue we don’t get a redo on, read one sign.

Already, major corporations and communities have committed themselves to 100 percent renewable energy. Google, Facebook, Apple, Johnson and Johnson, and Coca Cola have all done so. Cities such as San Diego, California, Aspen, Colorado, and Greensburg, Kansas are also all committed to 100 renewable energy too.  “The public is increasingly enthusiastic about moving forward towards 100 percent renewable energy,” said Taylor Hale. “We are

“The public is increasingly enthusiastic about moving forward towards 100 percent renewable energy,” said Taylor Hale. “We are excited to work with local, state and national leaders to move America toward a clean and renewable future.”

One response to “Environment Missouri Joins Week Of Action For Renewable Energy

  1. It’s pretty interesting that companies are leading the way to greener energy and efforts to address climate change. Increasingly, the market is actually leading the way. But don’t expect anything from Congress and especially from the Missouri State Legislature — one of the most reactionary and backward legislatures in the entire country. When citizens of this state passed a renewable energy law at the ballot box, the Missouri legislature immediately went to work to “undo the will of the people” as it has on so many citizen initiatives. The legislators have made sure to have the most lax campaign contribution and ethics bills in the country. They do not work for us, they work for those who provide the campaign cash.


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