Update: A Fix For The Asian Carp Invasion?

On the Illinois River summer 2012. Photo by Jill Moon/The Telegraph, Alton, IL

On the Illinois River summer 2012. Photo by Jill Moon/The Telegraph, Alton, IL

Many news outlets are reporting that the Alligator Gar are being reintroduced into rivers and other waterways and may be an answer to the Asain Carp invasion.

The Asian carp, which are taking over waterways in the Midwest and smothering out native species, are a food source for the gar.

The Alligator Gar can grow up to 9 feet in length and 350 pounds, according to U.S. Fish and Wildlife resources. Hopefully, after some time, the gar can populate the waterways and eat enough Asain Carp to help control their numbers that are currently a major issue.

The gar is originally native to most of the Midwestern waterways. They have been on endangered species listings for many years in several states.

Last November, Jill Moon, reporter and editor for The Telegraph, Alton, IL, spoke with Don Corrigan to explain the Asian Carp threat to the local area. The news about the Alligator Gar could offer a solution to the existing problem.

Read more about the efforts to reintroduce the Alligator Gar from the news sources below.

CBS News online article CLICK HERE.

The Hawk Eye online article CLICK HERE.

KTVI: FOX 2 St. Louis online story CLICK HERE.


Environmental Echo November podcast interview with Jill Moon.



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