The Great Race For Modern Transit

CMT Executive Director Kim Cella (far left), Jacque Lumsden with CBB and Mayor Francis Slay.

CMT Executive Director Kim Cella, Jacque Lumsden with CBB and Mayor Francis Slay.

Citizens for Modern Transit (CMT) is holding its fifth annual Great Race competition on Thursday, May 12, 2016.

Kim Cella, executive director of CMT, is the guest on this edition of “Behind the Editor’s Curtain” with Don Corrigan.

Corrigan  and Cella discuss the meaning behind the race, the positive environmental impacts of public transportation,  and he might even try to uncover a few race strategy ideas from Cella.

Don Corrigan is scheduled as a media personality in the race for Team West. Corrigan says he feels a little apprehensive about not being on the same team as meteorologist Angela Hutti (KTVI) and Matt Chambers (KMOV) as he has been in past races. Meteorologists usually have weather insights that keep the participants dry during the event if needed. See the other media personalities on Team West and Team East HERE.

Team picture from the 2015 CMT Great Race. Photo provided by Citizens for Modern Transit.

Team picture from the 2015 CMT Great Race. Photo provided by Citizens for Modern Transit.

The CMT Great Race 2016: Linking The Last Mile, which plays off of the CBS television show “The Amazing Race,” raises awareness about the many viable transportation options available in the St. Louis region. The race demonstrates how seamlessly biking, the MetroBus and MetroLink, carsharing, and walking can be integrated into an individual’s daily commute. This year’s race, which takes place during the Thursday evening work commute, also wants to bring attention to the importance of having access to resources within a mile of MetroLink stations.

The finish line will be a celebration in the form of a CMT Metro Market that is open to the public from 5 to 6:30 p.m., at Cortex Commons, located at 4240 Duncan Avenue, which is adjacent to the future site of the Boyle Street MetroLlink Station in Midtown St. Louis.

Pictured below is Don Corrigan finishing a past Great Race.

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One response to “The Great Race For Modern Transit

  1. I have been in training for Team West for several months now. Well, actually about a week. This is the first year I will not be in the Enterprise Car, which worries me because that is where I did my best racing. Wish me luck. The weather is looking good for Thursday and there will be lots of food trucks at the finishing line. And you don’t have to be a racer to hit the food trucks.


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