Grow Native! Taking Pollinator Programs To The Next Level

Sigh showcasing the Grow Native! program at the Kirkwood Earth Day Festival.

Sigh showcasing the Grow Native! program at the Kirkwood Earth Day Festival.

Grow Native! – is a one of a kind program that began right here in Missouri. The program is a native plant marketing and education program of the Missouri Prairie Foundation.

Bill Ruppert, a local gardening and conservation expert, shares his insight into the diverse Grow Native! program on the informative podcast found below. Many organizations are mentioned in the podcast with either being associated with the Grow Native! program or that Ruppert is affiliated with like, the St. Louis Zoo, the St. Louis Science Center, Missouri Department of Conservation, Shaw Nature Reserve, the Conservation Federation of Missouri, Missourians for Monarchs, Gateway Greening, Mayor Slay’s milkweed program, and more.

Ruppert also gives a look at the new St. Louis Science Center’s new exhibit opening this summer, “GROW”  and how the Annual Kirkwood  Earth Day got its start.

Produced by Holly Shanks. Music provided by House of Cowboy.

One response to “Grow Native! Taking Pollinator Programs To The Next Level

  1. Lots of kudos being given to Maddie Earnest for taking the time to present the SLSC GROW Exhibit at Kirkwood’s Earth Day at the Kirkwood Farmers’ Market. Members of the Ruppert chicken flock, Barbie, Speckles and Ike, Jr., enjoyed the opportunity to welcome visitors at the informative booth. As Backyard Chicken Man Ruppert sat and listened to SLSC conversations with visitors, Ruppert says he sensed sincere interest and excitement to learn more about, and ultimately visit, the GROW exhibit, particularly among parents with young children.
    Special thanks to Missouri State Representative, Deb Lavender, for coming out to learn more about GROW. Representative Lavender is a member of the Missouri House Agriculture Policy Committee.


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