Tales From A Park Ranger

Pictured: Brian Ettling.

Pictured: Brian Ettling.

Brian Ettling, a seasonal park ranger at Crater Lake National Park, is the guest on this week’s “Behind the Editor’s Curtain” with Don Corrigan.

The St. Louis native shares his experiences as a park ranger, what to expect as a visitor to a national park, and also his advocacy efforts to educate the public about climate change.

The podcast below is an interesting look inside the life of a national park ranger and his first-hand accounts about how the warming climate is changing what he sees year to year in nature.

Produced by Holly Shanks. Music provided by House of Cowboy.

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2 responses to “Tales From A Park Ranger

  1. Hey, Brian knows all abut the national parks. You might want to ask him some questions here about your plans for going out west on summer vacation. And this is the 100th anniversary of the parks, so he may have some tips on how to take advantage of the celebration. If you need to get some inspiration for that trip, you need to check out the film on the big-dog screen at the Science Center. We’ll have a review up on that soon — it is well worth a look and Robert Redford does the narrating.
    We also will soon post about a climate change panel in April where Brian will present and you can meet him and ask questions afterward.


  2. Thank you Don and Holly for putting together this wonderful podcast recently. I am certainly available if anyone has questions about visiting national parks, climate change or Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

    If you want to find out more about climate change, The Eastern Missouri Group Sierra Club will be hosting a panel discussion on Climate Change, Climate Solutions, and How to Communicate Climate issues. The panel will include such notables as Don Corrigan a Webster Kirkwood Times reporter, Dane Kamin a Deliverables Team adviser with the National Sierra Club Global Population & Environment Group, Ken Schechtman, the Chair of the EMG Executive Committee and a Washington University Professor. There have been many presentations in the past about climate change. This is a unique opportunity not only to learn about how to communicate climate, but also to discuss it and ask questions to leaders and professionals about how to talk with others about climate change.

    Please join the conversation at 7:00 PM on Thursday, April 28th at the Sierra Club Headquarters located at 2818 Sutton, Maplewood, MO 63143.

    As a side note, I was suppose to be on this panel. However, Crater Lake just informed me that they need me to start on May 1st. I will then have to leave St. Louis for the season on Friday, April 22nd to give myself enough time to drive from St. Louis to Oregon. Even if I will not be able to attend, I still recommend that you attend this event.


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