Carl’s Climate Letters #583: Wind Power Taking Over The Lone Star State

Photo by Diana Linsley, Webster-Kirkwood Times.

Photo by Diana Linsley, Webster-Kirkwood Times.

Carl Campbell, a retired petroleum investment advisor, searches for interesting and important environmental news on the internet daily. The St. Louis resident publishes Carl’s Climate Letters, a daily newsletter containing summaries and analysis of important environmental topics that he thinks his readers should be aware of.

Find an excerpt below from Carl’s Climate Letters #583, posted February 1, 2016. The interesting topic is “Texas is being taken over by wind power.”

From Carl’s Climate Letters #583.

“Texas is being taken over by wind power. Growth, right in the middle of oil country, has indeed been remarkable. This story also gets into the interesting problem of what to do with all the excess energy that is generated late at night, when demand is low and the winds are strongest.”

Here is the link to the article Carl references in his summary above.

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Don Corrigan interviewed Carl Campbell this past January about his daily newsletter and what he thinks the upcoming political landscape looks like. The podcast interview is posted below.

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