Larry Lazar’s Local Flooding Account Featured In ScienceBlogs

A completely submerged Marshall Road in front of Kirkwood Bluffs apartments in Kirkwood will only get worse as the Meramec River continues to rise. photo by Ursula Ruhl, South County Times.

Marshall Road in Kirkwood. Photo by Ursula Ruhl, South County Times.

Mom says, “Don’t talk about politics with the relatives, just talk about the weather.” But now even the weather is political, especially after the Great Flood of 2015 in the St. Louis region.



The proof is in the reading. See: “The Irony of Tim Jones: Climate Disruption in Missouri and GOP Politics.”

Larry Lazar, local Eureka resident and co-founder of Climate Reality St. Louis, contributed to this ScienceBlogs post by giving a personal account of his experiences. Lazar gives a detailed account of the flooding in Eureka and surrounding areas.

To read Lazar’s guest post on the ScienceBlogs CLICK HERE.


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