Happy New Year!

new-years-eve-1062373_1920Happy New Year from Environmental Echo! 

Wishing everyone a year filled with peace, health, family, friends, and outdoor adventures!

One response to “Happy New Year!

  1. So what’s up for 2016?

    — Will the Flood of 2015, a deluge in many ways more catastrophic than the 1982 and 1993 floods, result in more enlightened land-use policies when it comes to preserving wetlands or building levees?

    — Will the erratic weather of 2015 result in a closer look at the impact of global warming in producing droughts, floods and unprecedented low-pressure storm events?

    — Will Congress attempt to throw a wrench in agreements ironed out at the recent Paris Climate Change Summit?

    — Will states like Missouri resist federal mandates to devise energy plans to reduce carbon emissions in the years ahead?

    — Will citizens groups such as Just Moms STL finally get some concrete action on the part of those responsible for hazardous materials that pose dangers to their families and their neighborhoods?

    Stay tuned to Environmental Echo.


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