A Thousand Miles For Climate Change

Photo from the back cover of Henry's book "David and the Giant Mailbox."

Photo from the back cover of Henry’s new book “David and the Giant Mailbox.”

David Henry walked 1,000 miles to talk with strangers about climate change. He braved rainy weather conditions, difficult roadways, and dodged texting drivers.

Henry talks with Don Corrigan about his journey across part of the U.S. on this edition of “Behind the Editor’s Curtain.”

One of the things Henry wants his new book, “David and the Giant Mailbox” to make clear is that “there are defiantly climate skeptics out there, but it’s not to the extent as it appears.”

For more information, visit David Henry’s Climate Walker website or his Facebook page. Also, read about Henry’s walk in the Webster-Kirkwood Times article, “Raising Awareness Of Climate Change.”

To hear the interview with David Henry click below.

Produced by Holly Shanks. Music provided by House of Cowboy.

One response to “A Thousand Miles For Climate Change

  1. David Henry, I read the book and I am glad you switched to some good walking shoes to save your poor dogs. Also, I am glad we are no longer living in the age of: “I’d walk a mile for a Camel.” Much better to live in the age of : “I’d walk 1,000 miles to get something done about climate change.”


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