Forest Park Replaces Trees Along “allée” Walk

After researching replacement options, Forest Park Forever’s horticultural team selected the “yellow bird” flowering magnolia.

Out with the Callery pear and in with the “yellow bird” magnolia!

Our friends at Forest Park Forever are always moving forward for the good of nature and the park!

Recent information released by Forest Park Forever:

Forest Park Forever, in partnership with St. Louis City’s Forestry team is removing the Callery pear trees along the “allée” walk that bisects the twin parking lots between the Dennis & Judith Jones Visitor and Education Center and Pagoda Circle.

In keeping with the original design intent of the allée, we will replace these trees with 60 ornamental “yellow bird” flowering magnolias sourced from a nursery in Kansas City. The project team plans to begin removal of trees on Tuesday, February 28, so the site is ready for installation of the new trees some time over the next month.

Read more about the project and the invasive Callery pear tree HERE.

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