Did You Know? Spotlight on the St. Louis Audubon Society

Explore your St. Louis environmentally and nature friendly organizations! 

The St. Louis Audubon Society offers a program to help homeowners support native plant and animal landscapes across the St. Louis region, including even the smallest urban yard.

“The Bring Conservation Home Program provides on-site advice to private landowners in the greater St. Louis area for the restoration of native plant and animal habitat on their grounds.”

The program website describes the following program examples.
The Bring Conservation Home Program will offer advice in:

  • Landscaping with environmentally healthy and sustainable native plant species
  • Removal of invasive plant species, such as bush honeysuckle
  • Water conservation for urban landscapes
  • Other stewardship practices to promote healthy habitat for birds, native wildlife, and people

To learn more about the “Bring Conservation Home Program” and how to become involved – CLICK HERE.

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