American Roadkill In The Media!

Below find an excerpt from the Belleville News-Democrat feature about Don Corrigan’s latest book “American Roadkill: The Animal Victims of Our Busy Highways,” by McFarland Publishing.

Also, tune in to hear Don Corrigan talk about his book on the Charlie Brennan Show on Tuesday, December 14, at 10:35, on KMOX radio (1120 AM).

Below from the Belleville News-Democrat:

From possums, whose favorite defense strategy of playing dead doesn’t work well on highways, to armadillos that often spring straight up when startled, animals have been losing the battle to cross roads at an alarming rate. Corrigan relates some of his favorite stories like the dead animal discovered by a newspaper columnist which had been painted over by a road striping crew. Or musician Loudon Wainwright III explaining there was no cosmic meaning about his song “Dead Skunk,” which relates to a “dead skunk in the middle of the road stinking to high heaven.” It was just about a dead skunk and they do stink, as we all know.

Read more HERE.

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