SEED ST. LOUIS: Same Great Resource, Same Great Organization, New Name

Recently Gateway Greening announced they are changing their name to Seed St. Louis! Read more from the organization below.

Gateway Greening is now Seed St. Louis! To better clarify our mission and to avoid confusion with a local trails organization, we are excited about the change to Seed St. Louis.

With the name change, we have updated our vision and mission, while adding a new purpose:

Mission: To empower people and communities to grow food

Vision: Equitable access to fresh, healthy food throughout the St. Louis region

Purpose: To provide the community with the education, resources, and a network to grow their own food

We will continue to grow our network of 250 community-led projects that include community gardens, school gardens, urban orchards, and urban farms. We hope to plant more seeds with people and communities throughout the region to achieve “Food Freedom For All.” Stay tuned for more exciting news to come!  -Seed St. Louis – Staff and Board of Directors

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