New Missouri Legacy Waste Caucus Formed

Missouri House Communications, a nonpartisan state government office, has released information about a new Legacy Waste Caucus that will focus on Missouri’s nuclear waste issues.

Missouri has had nuclear waste issues for decades, like the West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton and Cold Water Creek area in St. Louis’ North County. Grassroots efforts have been spotlighting the issues for a number of years. The Just Moms STL  is one of those groups and has been working to bring awareness to the West Lake Landfill and the adverse effects the illegally dumped nuclear waste has had on the local community.

The video below shows the members of the Caucus and explains what the focus of the group will be.

One response to “New Missouri Legacy Waste Caucus Formed

  1. One of the things that I appreciate about this photo of the Nuclear Waste Caucus is its makeup: Black and white folks working together.Too many environmental groups are lily white. And too many black folks don’t see environmental concerns as their issue. Based on the amount of environmental racism these has been in this country for more than a century — it is their issue. Cleaning up and protecting the environment is everybody’s issue, that you very much.


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